A few tips


Very often people have quite a bit of art equipment before they even begin! If, however, you have never dived into a paint shop or shopped online you might need a few tips and a bit of where to go to get value for money. These articles are to help you discover what an artist thinks about all of the art materials available, and there is a lot! 


These tips are free for everyone, if you want to find out more join a class where you will then be able to access lesson plans and much more

Where can you buy all of the best art equipment?


What sort of things should you spend your money on when first starting to draw and paint?


Do you really need all of that? Some of the questions tackled ....

I'm another title

What is the difference between hue, artists and student quality?


Which paper can you use for acrylic or watercolour?


Which brushes will I need? Lots of questions are answered by Jane for you.....

I'm another title

Find out about Jane's personal art work


Find out some great websites for cards, art materials and cat sitters!