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Group Bird Project

October 2015

Back in July we started the Tropical Bird Tree project. We painted colourful birds and then on a separate day we painted leaves and trees. Our aim is to produce a large tree full of birds for the new class room at Heene Community Centre.

Suggestions so far to do the tree are:

To work on the project a bit at a time, this would work really well for the drop in class. If you are away you can add your bird or background area when you attend class

To work on a large flat piece of canvas. This can be pinned to the wall so that we can see how it is progressing over a period of weeks.

To stretch the finished canvas on a stretcher (learn how easy this is when I demonstrate :))

To produce a large finished work that is colourful, has a contribution by all and livens up our art room (it does need colour!)

Next Steps: Jane to get the canvas and stretcher ready for next week (14/15). Please bring your birds and equipment plus tracing paper

July 2015

We attempt in the Thursday morning class to paint tropical birds. A fun idea to do as a group when we return in September. First up though is having a go at painting a bird. See how to draw a bird with the online tutorial by Jane here (sorry Skyblue members only but sign up!)

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