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Taking part? Info about the Open House Exhibition

Please note we are hanging the paintings up until and including Thursday 9 June. Please read all of the following especially the end of this blog piece

on Thursdays from Thursday 19 May - Thursday 9 June, after the morning drop in classes

Please feel free to bring your framed paintings along with you to class with the following (below). The final deadline for all paintings and cards to be up is 9 June.

You will need to take your other paintings home with you so the wall is clear, thanks.

So what do you need to do if you are taking part?

  1. Any volunteers to help hang the paintings would be much appreciated on this afternoon, not everyone needs to be there.

  2. You will need to ensure that your work looks its best in a neat frame with a mount if necessary. You will need a simple fixing of a wire and d rings on the back, this is so we can hang easily and get them straight. Please, no other fixings such as stands that fold out (for photo frames) protruding things of any nature, just a simple wire on the back.

  3. Please also attach a sticky label with your name and title onto the back of the painting (not the front please)

  4. Please fill out the following form and give to Jane before the end of May (if you have more than one painting please fill out the whole form) this is for labels and prices

  5. Bear in mind that the centre is a busy community centre and that if you leave work for display you do so at your own risk. A list of work will be provided for the person who is invigilating so that they know what is there and can keep tabs on the work. There is no reason to suspect anything untoward but just so you are aware.

  6. We need to work out how to fix paintings to the blue screens, if anyone has any bright ideas?

  7. What you need to bring on 9 June:

  8. NOT MORE THAN 3 paintings with wire and frame, any picture hooks you may have and your label on the back

  9. Cards you may have (prices for cards to be discussed in blog below) (if anyone has a small basket for cards this may be helpful.

  10. Please note we will try and hang as many paintings as possible with everyone having at least one at the bare minimum up. Any paintings that are not hung will only be down to space issues and I will take them home. It would be appreciated if you can then arrange with me how to collect.

Form for labels and the rota are in the link below:

Please print out these forms here and handwrite them before giving to me before end of May. Please ensure you have filled out the form for me to do the labels for the wall AS WELL AS your label fixed to the back of the work. Please complete the Rota with one session you can do, either morning or afternoon.

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