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Which brand of acrylics?

Whether you are starting out or have been painting for a while, buying paint online or in an art shop is a confusing business. Read more here and check out the link to really find out which is best.

Personally the way I choose is by sourcing 'artist quality' paints. This ensures I get top end pigments in my colours. However, this is not so important if you are just starting out and don't want to spend quite as much. Go for 'Student Quality or Studio' paints.

Acrylics come in different guises. Open acrylics - similar to oils dry slower (great for blending), Fluid acrylics - come in little bottles and are very potent so a little goes a long way, a bit like inks, General acrylics - usually not named Open or anything else, these are the ones that most people get on with, usually buying Acrylic Matt Medium to go with them (more about that in a future blog)

So which brand? Check out this super link and then hopefully you can make your own choice

My personal choice, depends on my budget at the time but Golden are great and I also like Old Holland and Jacksons own (I buy usually large tubes of white). I flip out with some of the prices say for a Cadmium red and try and choose a brand that has cheaper option for that colour. Sometimes I just treat myself to a more expensive gorgeous pink or purple and enjoy using it sparingly. For larger areas I would buy Jacksons, smaller special areas Old Holland or Golden.

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