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Happy Creative New Year!

Wishing everyone a super Skyblue 2024! and to let you know that classes start back next Wednesday 10 January for the first Beginners course of the year in Watercolour and then on Thursday 11 January for our Thursday general painting classes.

Welcome if you are new here too! January is always a busy time for classes and the January watercolour course is fully booked up (from November last year!) Whatever level you are I am excited to show you how to develop your skills. From the complete novice to those that wish to push their skills further with paint.

Everyone needs colour at this time of year and for the Thursday classes I have chosen a bit of a theme for buildings - but colourful ones! Be inspired by the greats such as Piet Mondrian or one of Cezannes' farm paintings. We also paint from a few lesser known painters as well as a few AI created images. All of these are sourced from Rawpixel and Pixabay, sites that allow usage of these images.

We paint from other famous artists to inform us of how they went about it. Experimenting with colour, shape and form we can then grow in confidence with how to use paint. If you are new to classes then the first part of the class is devoted to demonstration, explanation and how to go about everything by me.

I hope you can join us! If you want to sign up to classes just check out the homepage of the website here and click 'Yes I can come' to the class/es you want to attend. Pay at class by debit card or cash (£61 for four or £18 for single).

Here's to a lovely creative and colourful year.

best wishes Jane

get in touch for any queries here

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