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How did they get on?

In July I decided to run a beginners watercolour course for 4 Mondays. We have 6 people along, with the final week to come, and it has been a lot of fun. The idea was to teach how to get started using watercolours for the first time.

We went through the very basics, how to put paint onto a palette and add water, apply the paint, see what the paint can do and then apply it to paper. All sounds pretty straight forward and to those who have done many years of painting it is. If you have never ever painted before though it can be a lot to take in.

Landscape by Jeanette Week 2

You can see the results though in the week below and although there is the final week paintings to put in the gallery I think you will see how people progressed and have flourished.

The results are super, after just 71/2 hours they painted the Eye! See the lovely painting above by Jane (week 3) and all of the rest here

Our next 4 weeks of watercolour for beginners is in September, see on the home page and book your slot.

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