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How to Get Back Into Painting?

As the weeks tick by and everything seems more confusing being outside and with or without others it can feel that there isn't too much to celebrate. When the sun shines it makes it a little easier but let's face it staying in at this really tricky time can be proving to be testing in more ways than one. On top of that it may be that other issues come up and well frankly there is no time for painting.

I have to confess that I have not been painting nearly as much as my "normal routine" was pre Covid 19. I am used to doing long days at my easel but I just haven't been feeling that creative. However, about a month ago I thought I would give it a go and went in to the studio to mess about a bit, just tidying up really. Before I knew where I was I had started to sketch in my sketchbook and a few hours later I had planned out lots of sketches and was drawing up a big canvas. Even hovering around the space seemed to help me get going. It doesn't have to be a big thing even, just a sketch with a pencil to tap into your creativity can help.

What has inspired me massively has been everyone else's paintings from the online classes. Each week I love to sit and read emails about how everyone got on and give feedback about each and every one. It has become my new normal and it really gives a lift to the day to see all the lovely paintings.

So if you are stuck or even if you haven't tried painting before why not take a look at a space you could set up at home, it doesn't have to be a big space and the equipment is kept to a minimum (details of all of the materials are in the download below with links to buy online) Once you feel like painting again then you could try a lesson like this weeks - Summery Poppies, not strenuous or taxing but just enough to keep you occupied.

Skyblue Online Art Classes Website

Watercolour materials list online
Download PDF • 713KB

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