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Is it 6 weeks or 7?

Is it just me or are the weeks blending into each other in a very strange way? Normally I am busy exhibiting my paintings in May in the Brighton Open Houses. April would have been a very busy month as it is every year. Instead I have been busy with the online art class videos and in addition am getting an online video of my work in the studio that is being organised in place of the cancelled Open Houses.

I can't really believe though that it is nearly 2 months since we met at class and, as each week approaches, things are still not clear as to when "normal" life will return.

So, I hope you can still join in with the online classes, it has been a lot of fun and many of you have been doing some really lovely paintings. I aim to have a new online class for every Thursday, just as we did when we met up.

I hope you are all well and as they say onwards and upwards - to watercolour painting for May!

See whats lined up for May Online Classes

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