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New Start and Lots of Creativity

It's getting to that time of year, seeing out the old and welcoming the new in. New elements in being creative don't always have to be big but gradually over a period of time they become part of how we work. There are a few changes to the classes for 2023, hopefully it works out but if it doesn't then back to plan A!

2023 Thursday afternoons: aimed at beginners or those that have done a beginners course, these afternoons are dedicated to a particular technique in watercolour, drawing or acrylic. Subject matter is simpler than the Thursday Morning classes. Not limited to beginners though so if you need to fill in a gap in your learning do come along! Please come along if you can to the afternoons!

2023 Thursday mornings: for those that have been coming a while and are happy to be challenged! We will dedicate one week a month to following the great masters in painting and be inspired by their subject and techniques

2023 Wednesday Beginners: No change to the Wednesday morning courses that are each month in all media, watercolour, drawing and acrylic. As these courses are rotating it means there aren't too many of each media, so if you see one do book up early as they are popular.

2023 No limit to class numbers - we will try this out! We limited the number on each class size for the pandemic and last year but it is still nice to have notification that you can come along, so it would be great if you can hit the button where it says 'Yes I can come'. It is also useful if you rely on a print out from me for that class - please let me know in advance that you need one.

2023 Prices At the moment there is no price increase to the classes, and I hope to keep it that way for as long as I can, but there is a change for Thursday classes. In 2023 you will have to use the classes within 2 months not 3 months. Prices stay at £56 for four classes to be used within 2 months in 2023. Courses are £56 for the course. You can pay by debit card at class. Please note no cheques any more.

2023 Book ahead - as always you can book as many classes as you like ahead, no problem. I will always try and reply to your email confirmations

Look forward to seeing you in class!

best wishes Jane

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