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Tricky Tulips: Challenging Lesson!

I do enjoy planning lessons for the classes and sometimes the classes can be a little challenging! This weeks watercolour online class was one of those, Yellow Tulips. On the face of it quite a graphic image, with various shades of yellow. The lesson gave the option of using tracing paper too.

As soon as I started filming the Yellow Tulip online lesson I knew this was going to be tough for everyone, getting all the yellows to remain yellow but all slightly different in lots of areas plus not adding too much water. Had I overstepped the mark?

It certainly was a task and I was totally amazed when the paintings started being emailed in. Not only had people given it their best shot but also started to take on techniques that were completely new.

Painting is challenging, I battle with it most days and I have come to the conclusion that some of it is about 'problem solving'. So I really congratulate all those that took on the Tricky Tulips as each one has succeeded in problem solving of one sort or another and don't they look fabulous all together?

If you are thinking of taking part in one of the online lessons please do! I will reply to any of your queries and give you feedback on your finished painting.

Thanks to Lyn G for her watercolour

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