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Want to get experimental in July?

In July I thought it would be nice to set a project for the month - the 'Wild Flower Meadow. We will dedicate the classes to experimenting with pouring paint using watercolour and going for that summer field effect - think poppy fields, long evenings and swaying grasses.

The idea for this has sprung from a request from Lyn to investigate watercolour pours. You can see some lovely pours here

What came as a surprise was at the end of the video how she took a stencil and started to use it to give detail to areas which are so hard to decipher (in amongst thickets and bushes).

So then I went down a Google rabbit hole and it led me on to investigating stencils! Ebay have the cheapest and I searched for Wild Field Flowers set here

The stencil I thought would be quite useful for a variety of things for a meadow, and the brand used in the Youtube video was from Tim Holtz, more expensive but also a bit more abstract the one I chose here was very abstract here

So if you are thinking of coming to the July classes then it might be nice to invest in one or two of these stencils, you can also use them with acrylics and wash them afterwards. They last for a very long time and you might find yourself getting creative with them around the house - on pots etc!

Tip: Order the smaller ones - A5, they are cheaper and won't be too big for a small painting

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