Available to class members only  Shin Han Watercolours arrived today for the classes. Jane has a list of these wonderful watercolour paints and gets them at very reasonable prices. The paints are high pigment and give some vibrant results with many making superb mixers. Initially you have to be careful not to put too much paint out as they are concentrated.


A few of the favourites are Permanent Rose for beautiful pinks, team this with Burnt Sienna and you have a pinky brown that is transparent and sparkling. These tubes are quite large, last for ages and prices for most are around £4.10 per tube, no postage and even 10% off the total (subject to writing). Colours do vary in price, e.g. Cadmium colours are much more expensive but the Shin Han Range have Cadmium Yellow Orange for £5.40 (may vary to time of writing)


The colours are great for beginners or this with more experience, ideal for people who want great affordable colour. Tip: add Chinese White to any of the colours and you have 'Gouache', more to come about this type of paint later! 


To order or see the list of colours click here