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I have done some art before, which class?


Drop-in art class mornings are very popular and ideal for those that have some experience in drawing and painting. All you have to do is sign up to the Weekly Newsletter  Follow the email for what we are doing each drop-in and what to bring by following the instructions on the email. Its that easy! Details are also posted on the front page of this website 

Everyone is encouraged to further their skills in a variety of media and subjects. Students are welcome to work on their own projects. At the end of the class we take photos of the work and you can see, in the Gallery sections, examples of students paintings and drawings.


If you prefer online classes we run accessible pre-recorded video classes in watercolours, each class consists of multiple videos showing you step by step how to paint with this lovely medium. You can also pay online and there are great discounts after your first lesson 

Skyblue Online Video Classes here






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Does the cost include art materials?


Occasionally art materials are provided with a few courses but generally no. The reason being it is useful for you to have your own art materials to work with at home so you can develop your skills even faster!


I can't find the course I want!


The courses are run purely on how many students we get, we are only very small and try to run as many things as we can. Sign up or contact us to let us know and we will try!


I would like to buy an art class as a gift, do you have this?

Yes we offer Art Vouchers, great for giving, click here for further info

Do you run classes for children?


We get asked this a lot! Unfortunately, we don't, just for adults who want to learn a new hobby or even develop an art career!


Safety First: There are some changes as you would expect with regard to the COVID 19 guidelines:


  1. Please do not come to the centre or class if you feel unwell or have any flu or cold like symptoms

  2. Masks and face coverings are to be worn in the corridors and the cafe - you do not have to wear in the class unless you wish to

  3. Frequent hand washing is advised, hand sanitisers will be on hand in the class

  4. Tables will be cleaned before class and after, you are encouraged to clean your own table after using

  5. Arrows on the floor in the hall will guide you to allow flow through the community centre

  6. Tables will be distanced in the class for you

  7. There is plenty of ventilation in the room, with windows that open fully

  8. One person at a time to use the small kitchen for filling up for water or cleaning paint

Here is what the Centre has placed on their website:

Cafeone22 at the centre, provides both an eat-in service as well as a takeaway. There is limited seating inside the cafe and 5 tables in the garden areas. Cafeone22's current opening hours are 10am to 2pm.


When returning to the Centre, please ensure that you follow the guidelines that we have implemented, to ensure the health and welfare of all users of the Centre. Please use face covering/masks and hand sanitisers. 


Confirm your class place!


Previously for many years we have held a drop-in class. This has meant that you were able to come on any Thursday without pre-booking.


Now we ask that you reply in the weekly newsletter to say you can come (just like we did before) but there will be a limit to 12 per class

Heres how to do it:-

  1. There are 12 places for each Thursday morning class

  2. Numbers will be posted here on the website

  3. Reply to the Weekly Newsletter to say you can come (sign up if you are not already)

  4. If you buy 4 classes then these are to be used within 2 months or 60 days (not 90 as previously)

  5. Pay for 1 class, £16 at class by cheque or cash

  6. Please if you need to cancel your class could you let us know by email 1 or more days ahead this allows others to book

  7. If you have to cancel your class you can wait for the next newsletter to come along

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