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Art classes for Creative People

Jane Denman is a Practising Artist and Tutor

Fully qualified with a BA Fine Arts Degree and a PGCE Certification in Higher Education (specifically art) and has been running art classes since 2006, and after 5 years it renamed to Skyblue Art Classes.

How You can benefit:

There is nothing more rewarding than 'passing on' my knowledge of drawing and painting. With the belief that 'everyone can draw and then paint' I love to see people surprise themselves with their efforts 

Jane encourages people to work at their own pace and to appreciate each stage of the development of a piece of work.

'Taking the positive into the next drawing or painting enables creativity to flourish, and learning from another artist is invaluable, it is the way I learnt and I love to pass this on' 

So perhaps you have never picked up a pencil or a paintbrush but are curious, why not drop us a line or come along to one of the classes to have a look. You will meet a friendly bunch of people all trying their hand at painting and drawing. If you have already started to paint and want to meet like minded people and improve on your skills this is also a great opportunity.

Jane has taught drawing and painting at a variety of levels; Degree stage at London College of Fashion, Adult Education Classes at Northbrook College, taught art classes for WEA and at the Phoenix Arts Association in Brighton. 

Check out Jane Denman Artists website
​  Fully qualified with a BA Fine Arts Degree and a PGCE Certification in Higher Education (specifically art) and has been ru
Art classes
with great spirit and people plus
lots of fun


Some of the things we have taken part in at Skyblue


2011 - good year for Skyblue when we exhibited for the first time in the Worthing Open Houses, and it went extremely well. We also held our first summer art weekends in the glorious countryside around Arundel


2012 - Our 2nd Worthing Open House, attracted a lot of visitors and we held our first Group Project 'A Bigger Picture' and had a lot of sales from that which was great. 


2013 - exhibition at Worthing Library we went  from strength to strength.. 


2014 - a year out from the Open Houses


2015 - We had a super year out at our little retreat, which sadly was the final year as they sold the property, lots of Xmas celebrations and some super work


2016 - we exhibit again in Worthing Open Houses, this time at Heene Community Centre in the cafe

2017 - our first Skyblue summer outing with a coach to draw and paint at Borde Hill Gardens

2018 - heatwave and our fantastic trip to Sussex Prairie Gardens drawing, painting along with plenty of tea and cake. We also loved buying plants from their shop.

We also held 3 'Sip n Paint' events for the first time in 2018 which were great fun

2019 - our annual trip was this time to Leonardslee Gardens near Horsham with more super warm weather, sketching and of course tea and plant buying! We also had a lovely Xmas lunch at Indigo Restaurant in Worthing

2020/21 - the lockdown years! We kept going with our watercolour classes but online. Jane recorded 100's of hours of video to watch and paint along to and we all managed to keep a little sane by painting our way through a very long period of being housebound. We started back to classes in a sporadic way in May 2021 and by the end of 2021 we all celebrated another strange year with our Annual Xmas lunch. You can still access the online watercolour classes and paint at home

2022 - post lockdown and the pandemic we had a busy year, didn't make it for a summer outing but many came and painted with Jane on the beach (in scorching weather) in August where she had an exhibition. We raised a lot of money growing sunflowers for the Ukraine appeal at the annual Summer Fayre at Heene Community Centre. The short courses for beginners were very popular enabling new people to join the classes with a view to coming to the more advanced classes on Thursdays. We had our first 'Xmas Picnic' at Heene all bringing along a dish which was great fun and was a super end to a creative year

2023 - We all grew even more sunflowers for the annual Summer Heene Fayre, they were a great success in raising even more money for the Ukraine Appeal. You can read more about that in our blog here and we celebrated our 2nd Xmas picnic get together at the centre. The beginners courses proved very popular and encouraged people to attend the Thursday beginners afternoons.



Skyblue Art Classes 2006 - 2024

Classes run at Heene Community Centre, Heene Road, Worthing West Sussex most weeks including school half terms.

Skyblue Art Classes has flourished over the years. It remains a small but busy series of art classes for adults.  Founder, Jane Denman says 'Managing and creating Skyblue Art Classes has been great fun and I am so pleased that it has blossomed into friendly and supporting classes. My ongoing aim is to pass on my skills to everyone at all levels. So far it has been such a fantastic journey'. 

It all started with one lady in 2006,  wanting to learn how to use watercolours, then a couple more people came along, Colin and Pamela (Colin still comes to the classes) and from there it has grown. Back then the classes were operating under a different name which then changed to Skyblue Art Classes.


The Skyblue community enjoy get togethers, we have been on  art exhibition trips, visit gardens in summer and usually have a knees up at Christmas!

We always welcome new faces, join in by signing up to our weekly email newsletters

Read the blog and have a browse around the site to see what we do and join us to learn more.

Running Skyblue has been a learning experience for me too! I never imagined after completing my Teacher Training back in 2003 that I would have a business interacting with such lovely people on a regular basis. The classes have helped me enormously as an artist and have developed my skills as a tutor.


My own beginnings as an artist, started with evening classes and my excellent tutor was an artist, I learnt loads and caught the 'bug'. Some of Skyblue students have gone on to do their own study at Art college which is so inspiring and they still keep in touch!  Of course, you don't need to go to these lengths but if you catch the art bug then who knows?.....


January 2022

Jane Denman Artist Website

Read more about Jane Denman and visit her website to see her paintings. Join her mailing list to receive invites to exhibitions and updates about painting and how she works.



Jane Denman Artist in studio
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