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From March 2020 onwards - Your  Online Lesson paintings!

May 2021 Update! We are looking forward to coming out of lockdown and writing this on 6 May it is interesting to read back my post below. I am incredibly grateful and amazed by everyone who has taken to painting with me online for over a year now. With over 30 online lessons this has been quite a project and I have been so pleased to see all the fabulous paintings that were emailed in, you can see all of them below. I would also like to say how much I feel you have ALL improved technique-wise and also grown in confidence with watercolour. It is not an easy medium but you have all done so so well. The future of the online lessons is in the balance partly as demand has dropped off, as understandably everyone is off out and not indoors so much..... but should there be another lockdown?!!! I really hope not :) THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Happy 2021! Wishing you all a Creative year


Update! We are in lockdown 3, I think! writing this in March 2021 so that makes it one whole year of online videos and of course on and off lockdown! I am continually amazed to see all of your fabulous paintings, your skills are soaring! 

Previously I wrote....

This makes my heart sing! In March we all retreated home and in October we were all asked to do Lockdown 2! Classes ended and we all realised that it could be a while until we met up in our classes again. In that time you took part in the very new online lessons and here are the fabulous results.


I am so happy to see all of them and this doesn't include all of the ones that were sent in that you were painting in addition to these. A huge thank you to everyone who has made me laugh and shed a few tears over the last months, it really has strengthened our Skyblue community.  Even if you didn't manage the online lessons I know from emails that painting has helped you lift your spirits up with drawing and painting through such a tough time. I hope that you will keep painting until we meet again at classes. Don't forget you can join in at any time with the online classes.


See them all in more detail here

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