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Borde Hill update

Just to reassure people of any possible inclement weather for our trip, Borde Hill are very accommodating and sent this email for us

Thanks for your email. Re. wet weather, the marquee will be available for you to use which conventionally has enough room to seat around 70 people but as an art group needing space and tables, it would comfortably seat around 30. We have 5 large round tables that you can use plus chairs in the marquee. If the weather is awful, I’ve spoken to our Head Gardener and he would be very happy to provide some blooms for you to paint. Hopefully it will be a lovely summer’s day but we would prefer you to bring your own chairs to sit outside, if that’s OK?

In addition to the cafes available here at Borde Hill, you can also bring a picnic to enjoy – we have various benches or just bring a rug to sit on the grass. The marquee is situated on the main lawn so you can use that as your central meeting point. We will make an area available near our toilets where you can wash your brushes – it will be in a gravel area to the side of our office at the front entrance and near an outside tap with a bucket, some paper towels and a table for your convenience. The Rose Garden is the closest area to the front entrance so nothing will be too far!

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