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Hand in Date for 11 June plus more

So many lovely items are being created, donated and grown for the Heene Summer Fayre! Read on to find out whats on and when to bring your items to the centre.

Bring Your Items:

Please can you bring your items for the Summer Fayre on these dates, we only have 3 tables to display the following:

  • Friday 10 June 6pm-6.30pm

  • Please do not bring the items to class - I only have a bike!

  • Please not on 11 June as that is when the fayre is

  • If you are unable to make this date then items can be left at the office

Items Needed/not needed:

  • We have quite a few paintings so no more thanks

  • We have loads of sunflowers and welcome yours!

  • We need medium size Painted/decorated/colourful plastic pots - very welcome

If you are bringing an item:

  • Please put your name on it and a price - I can't assist you with this sorry!

  • All items, if for sale, are to go to the Red Cross in Aid of The Ukraine Appeal

  • Please put your name on it plus 'not for sale' if that is the case

  • Please can you pick up the item after 11 June from the office (essential you have your name on piece)


Really looking forward to the sunflowers being on show! We have been allocated some of the outside space from the cafe to display them. The more colourful the better with pots

Can you help by being at the stand? Can you commit to an hour? If so let me know and the time you are able to do. It starts at 10am - 3pm email me at

Don't forget there are some amazing prizes in the Heene Raffle to be won, tickets available in class and at the office

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