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Paintings for the Heene Fayre

On 22 June Skyblue will have a couple of tables at the Heene Community Centre, Summer Fayre. Would you like to sell your handmade cards or small paintings? I am donating a percentage to Turning Tides (Worthing local homeless charity).

What to paint? If you have any small canvases to paint, the really tiny ones are fun or perhaps a small framed painting (max A5 size, as space is limited). You will need to put a label with it stating your name, price and email (just for my purposes to notify you).

Would you like to go on the list and are you able to paint/draw for this event? If so, drop me a line, give me an idea of how much you would like to donate, I will work out everyones average and take that as a guide. Of course the rest of the money will come to you. When I hear from you I will then be in touch by email in the first week of June.

If you have any small plants or other small items you think would be good to sell on the stand let me know! It is all to help raise money for this worthwhile charity.

Small paintings less than A5, small plants, cakes

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