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Canvas arrived!

So the canvas has arrived for the Tropical Bird Project, and its big! It is primed and ready to paint on. You can see from the picture here how it fills the space almost exactly, we may have to lose a couple of edges top and bottom, to put a pole through or alternatively could put it on a board. This would make it a lot heavier. You will also see the traced birds so far, they are fairly small and today we agreed that we need bigger birds, a few birds flying and a few birds looking in different directions. We can easily photocopy the birds to make them larger.

Next stage: assembling more birds each week. Perhaps to add a coloured background, say blue? The tree and foliage can then be added along with the birds. Each week a designated spot will be available for anyone to paint a bird or foliage/tree. The second picture gives you a sense of scale for the project

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