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Worthing Open House Join in!

Skyblue take part in the 2016 Worthing Open House at Heene Community Centre in the cafe area. As well as taking part as a group you can also get involved with other open houses and if you are exhibiting with Skyblue can go along to the Launch Party: -

The party is being held at the Indigo Restaurant at the Ardington Hotel on Thursday 9th June from 7pm onwards. You will need to RSVP this week (so by tomorrow Friday 3rd June, sorry for the lateness of this but they only just notified me). Email them here

They are organising not Skyblue.

Also there is another FISH WORKSHOP!

On Tuesday 7th June from 2 - 5pm at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, to design and make your WAOH 2016 fish sculptures. These fish will be a feature of our promotional campaign during the WAOH even this summer. Just turn up! Take some photos and I will send them on.

Again apologies for the lateness in all of this, they sent the email yesterday :)

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