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Colour and Photography

There are no classes next week on 21 July whilst I spend a whole five days immersing myself on an advanced colour course. It should be fun and whilst I have all of the paint and canvas I really have no idea what to expect except getting into what colour is all about. I regard myself as a student too, I am always trying to find new ways of applying paint, looking at other artists and the fascinating subject of colour and mixing has been one of my favourite things as an artist.

So whilst I am off doing that I thought it would be nice to mention what my partner also gets up to. He is a commercial photographer and runs photography courses locally but also at West Dean College and for the Royal Academy in London. You can see some of his wonderful photography here on his website or sign up for a course with him. He has lots of location courses planned and has an enormous amount of knowledge about photography and the camera. His courses are fun and informative.

Roy Matthews:

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