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September and Art Fairs

September starts the UK art fairs off for most of the UK. I have taken part in the Brighton Art Fair for around 7 years now. I tend to plan for new work after applying for the fair and then being accepted at the fair. They always have a high level of submissions and I feel very lucky to be chosen to be part of this year's art fair as they are taking fewer fine artists as they will be hosting craft alongside.

This year part of my show will include 3 medium to large acrylic figure paintings which mark a slightly different turn for me after working on my dance project for over 6 years. In addition I will also have framed original 'fluid acrylic' dance paintings at the show which measure 1m in length.

All of the work is in acrylic paint, I am enjoying using this more and more and interestingly using fluid acrylics has been helped by having watercolour skills. A cross over of skills is always useful as you can then create new, engaging work with something very different.

I have 2 for 1 invites and a few private view invites if you would like to come, dates are:

22 September - evening private view

23-25 September daily - 2 for 1 tickets

at the Corn Exchange, Brighton. It would be lovely to see you, they also have a lovely cafe and it makes a nice day out.

Email me here and I will bring to a class or put in the post to you

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