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Ideas for Paintings on Gifts

If you want to order some of the lovely products in the shop with one of your very own designs but are stuck, these tips may help you along:

1. Think whether you would like the image to be simple or more complicated

2. Think about colours, black and white is very striking take a look at this phone case I found on the internet. This could be done in ink as a drawing from one of your own paintings. Take a photo of your painting and turn it into black and white - now you can create a new drawing using the whole of the image or a section of it.

3. Acrylics, watercolours, perhaps with pen? Drawing with pens, a combination of all of them.

4. Perhaps you have a painting already you like but would like it to be smaller to fit onto a cup, or a pencil case? Let us know and we will do it for you.

5. Key into google - artwork pencil case tin, or artwork iPhone case horses for example and see what inspires you.

Deadline for group order is 27 October :)

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