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Will my image fit?

Getting the right painting for the right product just requires a little thought. For example, do you have a long thin painting? Perhaps you have a close up of a portrait? Which gifts will they go on? Read on if you are not sure...

The skateboard pictured here is a panoramic landscape format (basically 3:1 ratio, or long and thin!) the pencil case tin is a similar shape. Your painting needs to be long and thin ideally to fit.

If you want your painting to fit onto a mug it needs to approximately fit all of the way around the cup so it needs to be landscape format

What about the candle tin? A close up portrait of a pet or person or a detail of a flower would look great - leave that to us to crop for you.

Is that it? Yes, just try and see your painting on an object first before choosing or even painting.

Here is the order form if you need it, fill it out and bring to class with your painting/s

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