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Happy Creative 2017

I hope you all had a festive time and that you managed to escape unscathed from colds or such things (at the time of writing this I am recovering from a heavy cold so am a bit late updating you all).

The year ahead looks to be an interesting one, if you listen to the news it has gloomy spots which I suppose we all associate with listening to world news but in the creative world things are looking positively lovely! If you are new to drawing and painting you may be wondering what I am talking about so I will explain.

The big benefits of creating a drawing or a painting is the sheer enjoyment. It is probably akin to playing music or singing away when you think nobody is around. In fact studies have shown that it has an active positive effect on the brain and can be mentally very good for you. I would certainly bet that most people who attend a class or draw and paint at home would agree with me. Very often I hear people say, 'wow, the time has flown by' or 'that was such fun'.

This feeling interestingly, does not diminish but can increase as I have personally found from my 18 years of painting.

I look forward to sharing this with you in 2017.


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