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Portraits in January

Back to classes in cold and wet January we take a look at drawing the portrait in stages. Week 1 explores how to draw an eye using coloured pencils.

Coloured pencils are a great 'bridge' between drawing and painting. They require certain techniques, which we are going through in class. Once mastered you can confidently build up some very realistic portraits and then go onto using paint.

Which colours do you need and what type of pencils? Some asked whether you can use 'watercolour coloured pencils' - yes is the answer to that one. But which colours and if you don't have any where do you start?

If you are in Hobbycraft or another art/craft store you may see packs of coloured pencils. The ones to look for are labelled 'portrait' 'landscape' etc. These give you colours that are soft, relate to what you may be drawing and don't include

colours that you wont be using.

Alternatively try and see the colours in the portrait you are drawing. Perhaps a soft yellow, pinky brown, browny red and a dark brown/black ?

Don't forget the sharpener and a good eraser - a hard and soft putty eraser are great and something to cut them with to get tiny erasers!

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