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Examining Paintings

On a recent trip to Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum we decided that we would really focus on the Dutch still life genre. I am always amazed at how busy art museums are in fact it was very crowded indeed with groups flocking from one side to another to hear all about the history of the painting. I love to listen in on these wonderful stories about each piece as I am always keen to hear about the painter and how it was painted but very often this is left for another day.

So what is it that draws the crowds still? Paint! The illusion of paint is fascinating and getting up close with paintings is the best possible chance you have to see the hand of the artist at work. So much is missed when you look at paintings in books or now online, when you can get within a foot of a painting you start to see the actual brushstroke and beauty of the colour.

Next time you are in an art museum, move a little closer and notice parts of the painting as it can give you so much.

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