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Update Members only video

For those that would like to know more about how to use the Members Only area there is now a video which takes you through all of the points below. Click here to go to the video

There is a new area on the website for you to make use of - the Members only area. It works in the following:

1. Sign up (top right of screen)

2. Create your password and enter your email (don't forget to write down your password!)

3. Upload any of your paintings to one of the categories e.g. Your Say

4. Press the heart shape to like other posts

5. Comment on any of the paintings you like or to say hello

6. Use it as a useful resource to find out about materials, new techniques - share your experiences

7. Follow others in your class to see what they are up to

The members only area is gradually growing, do upload a photo of what you have been working on at home or just comment on other posts by fellow Skybluers. You can also ask questions or flag up interesting exhibitions.

Hope you get enjoyment from it!

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