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Matt Medium - confusing?

In class when using acrylic paints you may have heard about a product called Matt Medium. This is used to add to the acrylics to 'extend' their application (more about that in a minute).

What is confusing is when you get to the shop or go online is the amount of "mediums' that are available. Not only that there are so many manufacturers too with different price ranges.

The one pictured here is the one I had in the last workshop, I bought it from Hobbycraft but you can get it online too. It was around £6-7 and a good size, 250ml. Another one is by Jacksons Art, they do their own brand which is just as good.

There are many brands but just check the label, it should say Acrylic Matt Medium (often written slightly smaller)

Fact: there are two types you can use Acrylic Matt Medium and Acrylic Gloss Medium. Both do the same thing but one is glossier than the other. Think household gloss and matt paint.

This is used for painting on CANVAS but not necessary for painting on paper (this is a new fact for me too!)

So below is a short video about why you need this when painting with acrylic paints make sure you watch to the end of the video when she talks about Gloss Medium

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