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A super 2017! from Jane

Big thanks to everyone who came to classes this year, all of the topics we have been through, together with all of the techniques are really starting to come to fruition. Your paintings are progressing in an amazing way! What makes me say that? I was chatting to a former Skybluer and she said how much she wanted to come back to the class (she had been away for a long while abroad) but was daunted a little as she had been keeping up to date on the Skyblue Website, seen all of the paintings and said that the "standard was so high". Praise indeed as her painting skills are also very good.

I know that it can take a while with lots of ups and downs in painting but t

here is no getting away from the fact that if you are putting in the time and effort into learning new skills it pays off. Whilst there is no 'quick fix' for being able to produce a painting, hopefully after being shown techniques and how to go about it you will have a starting point and then feel confident to have a go on your own.

Those with more art experience can also run into problems of not knowing what to paint or how to create their own paintings. I hope to address this more in 2018 with more workshops for intermediates and advanced.

So this year I have heard that some of you have sold paintings, received commissions and also exhibited outside of class. Congratulations! Congratulations to those that didn't as well as you are gradually honing skills, constantly refining and learning new things. All of this, I find can bring a great feeling of contentment and this is a super feeling!

Thank you for all of your handmade painted Christmas cards and if you didn't receive one from me then I hope you had one of my handmade mince pies. See you in 2018.

x Jane

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