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Do you take photos?

Using photographs to paint from is second best to sitting in front of the scene and painting. However, this is not always possible and taking a photo is a great solution. So in class we will explore what makes a great photograph. You may be wondering why this is relevant. Inspiration and great reference materials make up a good part of a painting. If you have a photograph of poor quality, no immediate interest then sit down to paint it then you really have your work cut out.

In all of the classes we will discuss what you need to make a great photograph and want to encourage you to take more on the basis of the helpful tips that will be coming your way. Over the August period in particular when we are on summer holiday break I would like you to take a photo that you really like and send it in to us at the end of August. I will ask Roy my partner to select the best and he has so much experience with photography (check out his website here). So camera and phone at the ready and think about 'what do you like to photograph and paint?'

Guides for photography:

Get up close and consider how you will frame your subject before pressing the shoot button

Look at the colours through the lens/phone - frame your colours

Look at the shapes - frame your shapes (try a square frame too)

Look at the light and dark areas - are they interesting? Frame them too.....

Mess about with the Waterlogue App (see previous blog post)

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