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Hope you all had a lovely summer break, it certainly has been very hot for a long time and even painting has seemed tricky at times. Trying to paint in the heat has been testing, plenty of water is needed and some shade.

We had a lovely Skyblue summer trip at the end of August at Prairies Gardens. It is such an easy and beautiful garden to go to in late summer and we even had a super talk about the making of the garden by owner Pauline McBride. Needless to say we made great use of the tearoom and came out carrying lovely and unusual plants from their well stocked shop. Thank you everyone who made it along.

At the end of August we held our second Sip n Paint (termed by Kevin in the cafe) it was a lovely relaxing evening and a request for a Christmas one has been granted - 16 November. It will be with mulled wine and mince pies by Kevin. Details to follow.

Our autumn term starts off with painting portraits; animals and people using watercolour. Inevitably it involves a fair amount of drawing and I have lots of tips of how to get your drawing up to speed and then how to apply colours.

Hope you can make it along to a class, don't forget to check out the autumn Saturday workshops which specialise in subject and techniques with more time to focus and finish paintings.

You can see all of your weekly paintings in the gallery here, don't forget to share them with your friends and family

x Jane

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