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If you are new and starting out, getting art equipment can be a dizzying experience. With so many products and choices it can be overwhelming but I walk you through what you might like to buy with these handy 'Acrylics' and 'Watercolour' handouts. It sets out what to buy to start with and then suggests colours you can add to once you have become confident with the colours you have.

It can be tempting if you are in an art shop to start buying everything or asking the sales assistant who will be very happy to help you buy everything. Take your lists (below) and be selective! It will save you money and you will develop strong skills with a few colours rather than 40!

For about 10 years I relied solely on two yellows, two blues and two reds - thats it! In class I will teach you how to use just 3 then you can upgrade to another 3 when you are ready. Of course you might like to buy a set or perhaps you are given one as a present which is also fine.

If you are unsure get in touch with me I love talking about art equipment and am always happy to help. Want to come to class but don't have anything yet? Let me know and I will bring everything you need for your first lesson free of charge:)

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