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Happy 2019 - a creative year!

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and new year - a time to relax perhaps or to draw or paint? After looking at the results of the Quick Quiz you handed in (results in the weekly newsletter) there were some requests that surprised me and so I am incorporating them into a programme for you this year.

Last year we did one month of Watercolour then one of Acrylics - this year I thought we would try new things (with your requests in mind). So you will be able to see whats coming up for a whole month (have a look on the link below). Subject matter and materials will vary for each week. All details will be in the newsletter as usual.

First Thursday of the month is reserved for drawing - it is so useful

So whats coming up for January?


First class of the year! Happy new year to you :)​ So the line up for January is to limber up your creative muscle and try one week of everything. As we move forward into the year expect to do some drawing on the first Thursday of the month with the following 3 weeks incorporating a range of acrylic/watercolour/collage. Subjects will sometimes be realistic other times more abstract. Each week we will build your key skills in drawing and painting - exciting!

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