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A new decade - Happy New Year!

I am busy getting the weeks and months planned for the new creative year at Skyblue Art Classes. It was a very productive 2019 with some fantastic paintings and drawings. If you are new and want to join in with a class you are very welcome, sign up to the Weekly Newsletter. See all of the super paintings from 2019 in the gallery (in the link at the end here).

In the Thursday evening watercolour course for improvers we have also packed in more techniques, colour mixing and drawing skills and the results are stunning!

What we did in 2019

The year draws to an end and this autumn term focused on using mixed media, drawing, collage and simple composition. Sign up for 2020 to the Weekly newsletter to join in!


The last two weeks of the class year we focused on drawing. We drew a figure standing in a chilly background using pencil and also painted in white on a black background - sparkling champagne and glasses

What we did in November

We started the month with printmaking and Xmas cards. We then did several weeks painting a cherub and flamingo ending the month with a wintry lake scene and a boat.

See the blog post about last years Xmas card printmaking here

What we did in October

Focused on integrating the background with subject. Using tracing paper for most drawings

What we did in September:

Mixed Media materials: used white tissue papers, acrylic matt medium, pastels, coloured papers (created using paint) and also plain coloured paper

See all of the fantastic results ​in the Thursday Morning Drop in Gallery here

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