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Able to attend our Xmas Picnic?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Below is what people are able to bring along already. Do check back now and then, this list will be updated. Thank you for RSVPS by email, about being able to attend our fun end of year Xmas Picnic. (It is indoors!) If you missed the previous blog post about the full details, read all about it at the end of this post.

If you can join in and make it along email me at

Time: 12.15 onwards in our usual room at Heene

Date: 15 December you are ALL INVITED!

Thanks for all the lovely delicious food you are bringing to the picnic. We have enough now but still have more than enough room for people to pop in and join us!

We will celebrate this year by getting together after the morning class on 15 December and have our own buffet/lunch and art exhibition!

I am also asking if you could bring along one favourite painting/drawing you have done this year, we will pin them up on the wall.

You do not have to have come to the morning class to be included, everyone who comes to a class is welcome.

This small get together is a chance to meet others in the classes and get to know each others names

We now have enough for the picnic! If you are able to bring any of the following that would be great and also if you would like to come please do!

any drinks that are not above, xmas table cloths, small decorations, I will supply paper plates and cups/napkins

If you are able to come, could you please let me know

I do hope you can make it, it will mark a wonderful year and be so nice to see you all! Click send me an email with your details.


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