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Back to Classes!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Its been so so long! We start back to classes on 10 September at Heene Community Centre, Worthing. Sadly we won't be back at Angmering Community Centre for the moment but more details to follow on that.

Our last classes were on 19 March and so it has been such a long time that we had a class.

Safety First: There are some changes as you would expect with regard to the COVID 19 guidelines:

  1. Please do not come to the centre or class if you feel unwell or have any flu or cold like symptoms

  2. Masks and face coverings are to be worn in the corridors and the cafe - you do not have to wear in the class unless you wish to - we have face visors for sale (limited amount)

  3. Frequent hand washing is advised, hand sanitisers will be on hand in the class

  4. Tables will be cleaned before class and after, you are encouraged to clean your own table after using

  5. Arrows on the floor in the hall will guide you to allow flow through the community centre

  6. Tables will be distanced in the class for you

  7. There is plenty of ventilation in the room, with windows that open fully

  8. One person at a time to use the small kitchen for filling up for water or cleaning paint

Here is what the Centre has placed on their website:

The Heene reopened on Monday 6th July for small meetings/classes, abiding to the Government's guidelines of social distancing and the health & safety measures.

However, due to Government guidelines, currently, this does not include large gatherings of more than 30 people or singing groups.

Cafeone22 reopened on Monday 20th July, providing both an eat-in service as well as a takeaway. There is limited seating inside the cafe and 5 tables in the garden areas. Cafeone22's current opening hours are 10am to 2pm.

When returning to the Centre, please ensure that you follow the guidelines that we have implemented, to ensure the health and welfare of all users of the Centre. Please use face covering/masks and hand sanitisers. Also, follow the floor markings and keep your social distance of at least 1 metre.

Confirm your class place!

Previously for many years we have held a drop-in class. This has meant that you were able to come on any Thursday without pre-booking.

Now we ask that you reply in the weekly newsletter to say you can come (just like we did before) but there will be a limit to 12 per class to start with. We have trialled briefly several booking systems and unfortunately they both failed miserably so the old way is best

Heres how to do it:-

  1. There are 12 places for each Thursday morning class

  2. Numbers will be posted here on the website

  3. Reply to the Weekly Newsletter to say you can come (sign up if you are not already)

  4. If you buy 4 classes then these are to be used within 90 days

  5. Pay for 1 class, £16 at class by cheque or cash

  6. Please if you need to cancel your class could you let us know by email 1 or more days ahead this allows others to book

  7. If you have to cancel your class you can wait for the next newsletter to come along

Would you like one of these?

If you are concerned about wearing a face mask in class, perhaps one of these might be better?

I will be purchasing one for myself to wear at class and if anyone else would like one I can order for you.

The cost of this one is £2.99

I am not sure what they are like if you wear glasses. You might want the one with the foam headband, also available on Ebay

Here is the Ebay link for more details on the one shown

Let Jane know by 5 September if you would like her to order you one at email, pay at class by cash

If lockdown does occur again then any payments will be held for future classes or of course you can ask me to refund the payment immediately and I am happy to do so within that week of receiving your payment.

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