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Final Details for our 10 June Table Sale

Updated: May 25, 2023

If you are taking part in some way, perhaps growing sunflowers and it looks like we will have lots for sale (please no other items or art materials due to space) please read the following

Set up day is: Friday 10th June, if you could please drop off your sunflowers before Friday it would be most helpful. Drop them off to Heene Community Centre during office hours anytime that week. They are happy to store them for the Saturday

Margaret is also donating her beautiful handmade quilt, she is selling raffle tickets at £1 a strip. Donations are going to the Ukrainian appeal. You can buy them from me at class and on the day.

Feel free to jazz up the pots with little sunflower painting/sticker they looked so wonderful last year... not essential though especially if you have grown a lot!

Don't worry about putting your name on them unless you wish to stay at the end and take home with you. All proceeds are now going to the Ukrainian appeal, as we did last year. We will sell them for £3 each.

Heene Summer Fayre is on Saturday 11 June 10 - 4pm at Heene Community centre

do invite friends and family

After the event: any unsold sunflowers will be left at Heene Community centre, you are welcome to pick up from there in the following week (will need your name on) and not from me, bear in mind they may need watering

Proceeds from sunflowers and from art materials will be donated to the Ukrainian appeal

Any questions do contact me at

We are holding our popular table sale on Saturday 10 June at Heene Community Centre. This year we are growing plants to sell and also selling bits and bobs of art materials, so if you need some cheap frames, paints or other items pop down and see us.

Thank you to all those that are busy growing sunflowers! Last year we had so many, see below and they sold really quickly. This year mine are not quite as big as they were last year but I remain hopeful (just need some sunshine!) I am growing the smaller 'Musicbox' variety.

Margaret is also sewing a lovely quilt and selling raffle tickets so you could win!

Read all about last years table sale here

Look forward to it! Invite all of your friends and family and join us!


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