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French Balcony: And the winners are...

This has been such fun, my friend and art historian Dr. Alison Bracker posted a photo of her gorgeous flat in Nice on her Instagram page and I asked if she would mind if we painted it as an online lesson. She kindly agreed and also agreed to pick her 3 favourites.

Alison said it was really hard to choose and that she loved them all. In the end she wanted to have a joint first place, for two completely different reasons, and one for 2nd place.

Diane Cantrell and Jean Ellis are joint first place winners. Diane's she praised for her technicality but Jean really captured the light and spirit of the room, even though the coffee would slide off that table and despite that she felt that Jean's table feels really French.

Lesley Partridge takes 2nd place - Alison said she captured the vibe and the light really well.

Alison also said that the paintings mentioned reminded her of another artists work - Konstantin Kakanias work see the website here

Congratulations to the winners, please get in touch with me for your small art prizes and many thanks to everyone for taking part in this fun competition. Your paintings were really admired by Alison and her sister in the US!

You can follow Alison's Instagram here

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