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Growing Sunflowers? This is for you

If you are busy growing sunflowers for our table sale on 11 June at Heene, thank you so much by the way! you might like to decorate the pot in some way. I had best intentions to paint the pot but have been stretched for time so instead I have created a pretty label which I want to send to you so you can print it out and use as well.

I made the label (actually a bookmark) in Canva. Canva is a free graphic tool that you can use for all sorts of flyers, social media and loads more. If you are interested in checking them out I will post the link below.

Basically I have made a printable graphic and all you have to do is follow a few steps to decorate your pots.

  1. Print out the file you can find it here

  2. I printed on Matt printer paper, it gives it a lovely feel and weight but any printer paper is fine

  3. Cut out the image

  4. Add your name on your new label, along with any notes you want to e.g. how tall it will grow or even a little poem!

  5. attach with sellotape or you could glue it

  6. Bring it along on 10th June 6pm at Heene Community Centre or leave with them in the office that week, no earlier please as they don't have too much space

  7. Take a photo and share it on Facebook, we would love to see them

Check out Canva at

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