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Hope You Are Well

Firstly, I hope that everyone is well? I do hope you are not getting too stressed about what is going on, difficult to say as I have felt this myself just in the last days about the virus going around. However, I did want to reach out to all my class students and so here I am writing a small update about what is happening.

These are worrying times and as I am writing this there has been no news of our class venues shutting. This is worrying for me as it doesn't seem to be in accordance with everything else on the news! (I have now turned it off most of the time!) As well as being an art class it has become much more... meeting others and making friends as well as enjoying cake and coffees.

I have emailed Heene Community Centre but have yet to get a reply. I realise that it will be a big decision for the centres to shut and that they rely on being notified by the Council.

It would be lovely to hear from any of you if you want to email me or leave a comment here.

So thats it for now, I will wait until tomorrow, Tuesday 17 and see what is the situation. I plan to get a special Facebook chat group for Skyblue together so that it is easier for everyone to link up if they want to. Also I plan to take the lessons online so that you can paint at home, which I think is also therapeutic and definitely reduces stress.

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