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Lessons & Paints A Super Gift!

We are offering a sets of 3 watercolour online video lessons with 24 Shin Han Watercolours and my super Coupon for £14 off! This would make a super present for someone starting out, an intermediate painter or even yourself! Offer ends on 24 December

I have been testing the Shin Han paints for over 7 years now and I have to say that they are super colours, they have such a vibrancy, come in generous tubes and last for ages. Having a set of 24 with a lot of the colours used in the classes is a definite bonus.

There are two sets - one for beginners consisting of hours of videos to follow along and the other is for intermediate painters (those who have been painting a while).

How to order:

2. Create an account its free

3. At the checkout type in this where it says Coupon: XmasBundle3 (valid until 24.12.20)

When you order 3 watercolour online lessons and the paint set I will throw in a size 6 watercolour brush free. So a super time to order, in time for Xmas. Last dates will be 13 December for postal ordering unless you don't mind them arriving after Xmas.

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