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March is Drawing Month!

I asked the Thursday classes whether they would like more drawing sessions and it was a resounding yes! So, March classes will be dedicated to the lovely art of drawing. Below I have listed what we will be using and where to get it, both online and at Hobbycraft.

In conjunction with the Thursday classes I am also running the beginners drawing short course on Wednesdays, so if you have never drawn before then you might like to check that out (at the time of writing the class is nearly full but go on the waiting list in case of any cancellations, contact below).

Thursday morning and afternoon classes will be focusing on drawing and if you are keen to join in and are new to classes, do sign up to the weekly newsletter to find out what to bring along, link below.

A special mention to everyone for what you might like to look out for in your art supplies at home or what you might need.

One of the much maligned pieces of art equipment is the eraser!

One of my favourites is the small pen type eraser such as this, great for detail with pencil work such as highlights in eyes, whiskers on animals. Highly recommend. They may sell at Hobbycraft too

For charcoal drawing one of the putty rubbers are essential, they lift off and give a soft effect, They may sell at Hobbycraft too

General eraser, although I havent tried these long erasers that pop on the end of a pencil, I might just buy one of these as it is such a good idea. A broader eraser that can take off more areas of pencil is always good to have or if you want to get an ordinary pencil eraser locally to you thats a great option!

Paper - don't spend lots of money on paper or use your best watercolour paper (which has too much tooth), an A4 size (or bigger if you like to draw larger) sheets or pad of cartridge paper is fine.

You could experiment and draw on paper bags, brown paper, newspaper painted over.

Charcoal - willow charcoal is preferable, comes in boxes of sticks at varying thicknesses. They do sell at Hobbycraft or online

White chalk or white pastel - used in conjunction with charcoal also available at Hobbycraft or here

Coloured pencils or watercolour pencils - time to get them out of the box! You may have coloured pencils at home, great we will be devoting a couple of sessions to using them. If you want to buy a set, they do sell them at Smiths, Hobbycraft or here (these are watercolour pencils 'Aquarelle') these look good value, the price of some of the sets are very high for pencils so check out locally too for deals

Last but not least a drawing board, you can get really light drawing boards now and I think they sell them at Hobbycraft but if you want to get one these are great for class in general so for drawing and painting

Click on the above image and receive 10% off your first order. You will need to create an account with them in order to receive the discount.

Contact Jane here about the March Drawing Course for beginners

Sign up to the weekly Thursday newsletter here

Look forward to seeing you at class


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