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So lovely - our 1st Class back!

It was really really lovely to see most of you at class this morning - we do have a limited number of 12 so couldn't welcome you all back at once but hope to over the coming weeks.

What was nice about class was that we all could relax, forget for a while about the news going on in every day life and paint. A simple pleasure but one that is so full of creativity and quiet time. In fact it is time for you, away from any of the other constraints that go along with daily life.

A few changes have happened, one to the room and tables are spaced for social distancing. We also have some fantastic visors which work really well in class - you can get one off me for £3 each at class whilst they last.

The cafe is still going strong at Heene and I would say that the centre is quieter at the moment than normal. Classes are starting up albeit slowly.

Next Thursday we have a class for 'Beginners, using watercolour' 17 September. You can see how many places are available here on the home page

In addition to new classes for beginners the online video classes are up and running again, check this weeks class out its a masterclass with so much detail and 8 videos to paint along to in one lesson! See link below

This weeks online lesson is "The Colourful Parrot"

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