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Staying in Touch

Read how staying in touch and helping in a wider sense will strengthen our community. This weekend announced a 2nd national lockdown and for our art classes that means we are no longer able to meet up on Thursday mornings, starting 5 November. This is very sad news, we have only been back for 8 weeks and it has been lovely just to meet as a group and paint together.

More than ever it feels that we need to stay together as a group and keep in touch. I also feel for the Community Centre who I know will be struggling as this goes on. They rely on classes like ours to provide such a brilliant venue. I will keep you up to date with their 'Xmas Raffle' which I hope will still go ahead.

So how can we keep going? I am keen for everyone to paint at home, I know that for me personally it has helped me escape all the negative news that we are bombarded with. Painting requires focus and somehow you can just lose yourself to it. Try not to always aim for finished paintings either, particularly if you feel a little stressed. Doodling with paint just because you feel that way is particularly nice to do.

If you want more structure and need a lesson then join in with my online art class videos, you can watch them as many times as you like and go back to them if you need to get out for a walk in the fresh air.

I really enjoyed seeing everyones paintings sent in by email in the last lockdown, I post them here on the website and also on our Facebook page. I will also be devising ways to liven up November with subjects such as Xmas cards and following the planned lessons we wanted to do. Join in!

Lastly, but more importantly stay safe and keep in touch, if you want to get in touch with others in the class then join our private Facebook page where you can show your paintings to the others without them going public.

Best wishes Jane

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