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Such Sad News

I was so sorry to hear that Kevin our amazing leader of our Cafe One22 at Heene Community Centre is leaving. This is the post that was put on Facebook explaining why below. Needless to say we already miss him at the time of writing and will rally round to get a card and have a whip round for him. He has been exceptional to us with fabulous cakes, Xmas Dinners, Picnics and year round entertainment!!!

Heres a few pics I will find more soon!

Our Xmas table from 2017

Always made with love and energy!

Skyblue 10th Anniversary AMAZING cheesecake that took two to carry!

Made for 60 people!!

We will miss Kevin a lot!

A message from the Centre Manager and Trustees

Kevin is leaving Cafe One22.

We are very sad to hear that COVID-19 has taken its toll on Kevin’s business and appreciate his hard work and dedication in running Cafe One22 and making it into such a welcoming place over the last few years.

We wish him all the best for the future.

We are pleased to announce that from Thursday 3rd December, Louise and Jo will be running a takeaway service at Cafe One22 between the hours of 10am - 2pm, Monday to Friday. Cash only.

If you are meeting with someone from inside your household or support bubble then you will be able to sit inside the cafe.

You may meet with your friends but you must limit your group to six people or less and sit outside in the garden.

A message from Kevin to all customers of Cafe One22

“ how lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard “ Winnie the Pooh

For all of us, this past year has been challenging in so many different ways, however I’ve been blessed I’ve not faced my challenges alone, I’ve had ALL of you to help me through them in many more ways than just your custom, but your thoughtfulness, your kindness and your love.

Even those of us that are strong, resilient and robust are falling right now and I’m SO VERY sad to say with the on-going and relentless restrictions we within the hospitality industry are suffering and there are and will be many casualties, sadly my business being one of them.... it is just catastrophic.

The only words I have right now............THANK YOU...........from the deepest part of my all of you my customers, my friends, my colleagues past and present and of course The Heene Community Centre who’s love, support, generosity and understanding made any of the past four wonderful years of my life possible.

My love, to you all ...........always. Kevin xxx

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