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Table Sale in June

Each June we are asked by the community centre to take part in their Summer Fayre, it helps promote the centre and the classes and is always a lot of fun.

Last year our group did an amazing table sale at Heene Community Centre; we grew sunflowers in abundance and sold them, raising over £300 for the Ukraine Appeal.

I thought for 2023 for our table we could sell art materials that you no longer need as well as some homegrown sunflowers or other plants. It is a little early writing this in March , especially as it feels cold and not very inspiring to get planting seeds, but planning ahead can bring cheer on cold days.

Dates tbc but I think it is 10 June, Saturday at Heene Community Centre.

  • Grow a few pots of sunflowers - the dwarf varieties proved very popular last year

  • Do you have any good quality art materials that you don't use and would like to donate to the stand and are willing to put a reasonable price on?

Proceeds raised will go towards our Skyblue Christmas meal in December, or if you think you are not able to make that and are donating an item back to you.

To see previous blog posts about last years event click on the tags below.

More details to follow, get in touch with me (Jane) if you are able to get involved

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