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Thank You!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of Skyblue for keeping me and the classes going this year, whether it was turning up to the new online art classes or attending the few classes that were able to run. It really has been inspiring for me to see all of your lovely 'lockdown' paintings being emailed in - read the lovely 'Letters From Lockdown' Post

I know that transitioning to painting online has been a technical challenge for many and despite that many of you gave it your best shot. It was also a big learning curve for me to take the lessons online and with the help of Roy and all his equipment I gradually learnt how to do it. You can even hear back in the summer, the sounds of all the birds as I did the lessons from my studio at the end of the garden. It wasn't without its ups and downs but I have to say they have mainly been ups and I will continue with the online art classes because it really gives you a chance to see in detail how I paint (along with my mistakes and how to rectify them!)

Your support through the online lessons made a massive difference and really helped me at my lowest point having had to go into hospital for surgery in the summer. The Skyblue community really has rallied together and I am very grateful for that and all of your messages.

As I gradually returned to my painting and days at the easel it was always lovely to think that you are also painting at home. Some of you painted in the garden others did a particular day, just to keep a routine going but I got the feeling from your feedback that painting somehow allows the mind to leave all the stresses and strains the world has put upon us and it really does have a therapeutic effect.

There really is light at the tunnel now and we will be back in January to a different world but one that painting will always be a constant companion. Merry Christmas.

best wishes Jane x

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