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The French Balcony Inspiration

I am always excited looking for new subjects for us to paint at Skyblue and when I saw my friend's lovely Instagram posts of her flat in southern France I thought how nice it would be to paint one of her photos using line and wash.

My friend, Dr. Alison Bracker, was in fact one of my tutors at Northbrook College in Worthing back in the late 1990's. I loved attending her lectures she is a super Art Historian, Writer and Editor. After moving from America decades ago to the UK her dream place to live was the south of France where she now resides.

I hope you can join in with the French Balcony online lesson, the link is below as well as Alisons' links too. Her flat is so French somehow and inviting with the double doors it has more poignancy at this time of writing with everyone being in lockdown.

I asked Alison if she would like to choose her favourite and she said yes so please sign up for this in depth lesson. There is an easier version or the more challenging - depending on how you feel and what stage you feel you are at.


Dr. Alison Bracker Instagram

French Balcony Online Skyblue Lesson here

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