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Treat Yourself!

With Xmas coming up or for no reason at all buying watercolour paper can be tricky to say the least. Today in class I noticed a lovely watercolour block that Lyn was using in class and the results were super! It is Arches Aquarelle Watercolour 300 g/m - 140lb, 7.9"x7.9" or 20cm x 20cm.

I thought the square block would be ideal for class, most of the paintings we are doing in November are square format and Lyn said she bought it as it was the same sort of size as her iPad (using images to paint from).

Arches paper is a high quality paper, made in France. It is expensive but the results are really lovely. Lyn was using 'rough' 300 g/m - 140lb. This means that there is a lot of texture in the paper - great for sparkling watercolours as the paint skims the surface of the paper leaving little white bits which make it great for seas and landscapes.

Above Lyn's painting using the Arches Square block

The square block is different to a watercolour pad. All four sides are glued down. This means that the paper is already stretched so when you add water it will buckle but because the sides are glued down when it dries it dries flat again (substitute for masking tape). When you are finished painting to remove the painting and reveal the next clean sheet below you take a knife and cut around each side.

The weight (140lb) is perfect for adding a fair amount of water, will take a fair amount of lifting off and paint removing and gives a lovely glow of natural white - essential for watercolour painting.

Ken Bromley online sell the square block and it is on sale but it is not the 'rough' paper but smoother 'NOT' paper, which at such a reduced price is a bargain, here's the link

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